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for USA trip:

  • Get massive iced coffee and Dunkin Donuts for breakfast first morning in Boston.
  • Get a Red Sox players autograph (preferably someone that has been around since at least 2007).
  • Hang over the wall and scoop a foul ball up.
  • Take youforgotyourthingy to Victoria’s Secret for the first time.
  • Get a photo in front of Dropkick Murphys mural in South Boston, with my finger in my nose.
  • Drink at McGreevy’s. Again.
  • Eat more Fenway Franks then last time I was there.
  • Sing along to Dirty Water, Tessie and Joy to the World. Preferably more than once.
  • Shoot an M4, MP5, M1919 and maybe an M249 in Vegas.
  • Go to a batting cage.
  • Get a massive donut from Serendipity 3.
  • Take pictures in front of as many famous Vegas attractions, with my finger in my nose.
  • Learn to play Baccarat.
  • Drive a Lamborghini.
  • Buy some new sunglasses.
  • Not be afraid of birds at Seaworld San Diego.
  • Attend ANZAC day ceremony on the deck of the USS Midway.
  • See a game at Petco Park.
  • Swim in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Not be afraid of birds at San Diego Zoo.
  • Drive up the PCH from San Diego to LA.
  • Find Repop MFG on the way to LA and buy sweet ass wolf head belt buckle.
  • Do the touristy LA things (Disneyland, Universal Studios, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood, Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier), take photos with my finger in nose.
  • Not get mugged, or have hotel room broke into.
  • Buy something from Tri-Co in Hollywood.
  • Take picture out the front of Randy’s Donuts. Yep. With my finger in nose.
  • Eat good Mexican food.
  • Drink cheap beer.
  • Try a PBR and try figure out why everyone loves it.
  • Suit up for wedding reception in Seattle.
  • More to be added…

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    Drink a Mickeys Beer. Bear Claw. Get tattooed. (Might not be possible/practical) See some real people of Walmart.
  2. echo5charlie said: hahahah. This list is the epitome of #winning. Try to shoot a M240G! The testosterone will seep out of your pores. And if you’re by North Carolina, do let me know. And careful with Victoria’s Secret… the prices are the secret- and the secret’s out.